The Attic
Best Brunch in Long Beach / Best Mac and Cheese in Long Beach
By Jason Ruiz

It’s been over three and a half years since Steve Massis took over the 1920s craftsman house at the corner of Newport and Broadway and transformed it into the local hub of comfort food and craft cocktails known as The Attic. To be nominated for multiple categories for the Long Beach Post’s Best Of 2015 and win for Best Brunch and Best Mac and Cheese served as a personal moment of validation that The Attic had been accepted by the city he grew up in.

“Not only do I own a business in this city, I live in this city and Long Beach means a lot to me personally,” Massis said. “To be nominated by the people that live here, my neighbors, my friends, it means a lot.” Mac-N-Cheetos-The-AtticThe eatery’s signature Mac and Cheetos—a monstrous concoction of a home made four-cheese sauce, pasta and a crushed Flaming Hot Cheetos topper—had already gained the Attic local notoriety. It’s such a hit, in fact, it has its own emoji and a line of t-shirts and tank tops. Massis said he never envisioned its success, and that his intention was to put a spin on the classic that traditionally uses bread crumbs. When he opened the restaurant he didn’t think that it would become the flagship of the Attic.

Massis swears that the Cheetos used are regulation ones, with no (added) addictive properties, despite the dish’s ability to hook those that order it from the very first bite. If the standard order isn’t adventurous enough, The Attic allows you to mix in candied cayenne bacon, shrimp, jalapeños and a host of other add-ins, but Massis keeps his own simple and to the point.

“My favorite is for sure the short rib, hands down,” Massis said. “But I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy and if you add short rib to anything I”m going to be a happy man.”

While mac and cheese is typically regarded as a lunch or dinner item, it is served all day, every day at the Attic. In fact, the only food you can’t order for breakfast is mashed potatoes, and that’s part of what Massis said makes The Attic’s brunch such a hit with patrons. Chicken-Fried-Steak-The-AtticIf you’re an early riser and you’re craving a Reuben at 8AM, no problem. Had a long night on the town and want chicken fried benedict at 3:30PM? The Attic has your back. Not only does it serve breakfast until 4PM everyday, but it’s staff wont judge you for ordering a burger with a Bloody Mary (with a short rib garnish) for breakfast. And the vibe, Massis said, is tough to beat.

“You’re in a 1920s Craftsman home and it’s just fun,” Massis. “It feels like you’re in someone’s backyard, hanging out. It’s a local place so you see a lot of your friends coming here and everyone’s hanging out having a good time.”

Bottom right photo courtesy of Niko Dahilig, others by Jason Ruiz.

The Attic is located at 3441 East Broadway, on the corner of Newport Ave.


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